DongGuan Multipower Electronics Co.,Ltd.

DongGuan Multipower Electronics Co.,Ltd. was a subsidiary of former Taipei Multipower Electronics Co.,Ltd. It was established in Dongguan in June 1998 and officially transformed into a wholly foreign-owned enterprise on September 28th , 2002.
Before 2008, it mainly developed and manufactured high-frequency and high-voltage transformers for backlight modules of LCD TV/Monitor, and ranked Top 3 biggest SMD Inverter transformer suppliers in the market at that periods.
Since 2009, in response to market changes, it has been mainly committed to the development and manufacture of SMD Inductor products. Now, the company's main products include high current inductor, molding type inductor, SMD power inductor, common mode inductor, traditional transformer, flat transformer, etc. The customer base is distributed in Industrial, automotive, renewable energy, communications, medical care, consumer electronics... and other fields.
At present, DongGuan Multipower Electronics has total 100 standard series products of SMD Inductor products, and 50 standard series of high-current inductor, which giving us the leading position for such products in the industry.
In additional, it has developed some new products which with high saturation performance and can operate more efficiently under high temperature environments, by following AEC-Q200 standard. All of these products are widely used in solar energy and other green environmental protection industries and new generation high-efficiency cars, hybrid cars and electric cars.
For Automotive application, DongGuan Multipower Electronics also play an active way since 2012. A high power density product that can carry 150~180A was developed in 2018, which will be applied to the latest high-power electric vehicles on the market, after be the first supplier launching a product with 120A Isat for electric vehicle in 2015. And every year, we continuous work with our worldwide customer for new generation product development, to catch the innovation needs from different fields.
Looking forward to the future, it is our commitment and goal to continuous developing high-power, high-efficiency, energy-saving & environmentally friendly magnetic component products by cooperating with customer and market needs, and to maintain the leading role in inductive products.